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Appellation :
Bordeaux Blanc
SCEA Guinaudeau
Vineyard size:
2.3 hectares (5.6 acres)
Vineyard grape varietals:
Sauvignon Blanc, Sémillon
Soil types :

Located in Mouillac, between the Côtes de Bourg and Fronsac, the vineyard of Château Grand Village dates back to the 1600’s and has been owned by the Guinaudeau family, also proprietors of the famed Château Lafleur in Pomerol, since shortly thereafter. Sylvie and Jacques, along with their son Baptiste and his wife Julie, devote all their care and attention to this property, a fully operational farm with pastures and forests, of which only the most propitious, well exposed parcels are devoted to vines.

The vineyard is planted on plateau and hillside plots that boast a clay-limestone terroir very similar to that of Saint-Émilion. The work in the vineyard is carried out with the same attentive care as at Lafleur: everything is done by hand, from pruning to harvesting, in order to allow the best expression of this lovely terroir. The soil is tilled manually, without the use of chemical herbicides; pruning and disbudding are tailored according to the age and shape of each vine; hedging and leaf and crop thinning are adapted to the climate conditions of each vintage. Harvest dates are determined parcel by parcel in order to pick the grapes, by hand, only when they have reached optimal maturity.

The Sémillon and Sauvignon Blanc planted on these hilly, limestone sites produce a delicious dry white that is very enjoyable young. In the past, the white was an equal blend of the two varieties but the proportion of Sauvignon is gradually increasing and the wine is becoming more energetic and aromatic as a result. Fermentation takes place at a low temperature in order to preserve the fruit’s aromatic purity; the wine is then bottled in the spring following the harvest. Grand Village Blanc is lively, fresh, typically exhibiting citrus and floral notes. It is best consumed within 2-5 years.

Grand Village Blanc, Guinaudeau Vignerons, Bordeaux Blanc, Exclusivité Ets. Jean-Pierre Moueix Negociant Rive DroiteGrand Village Blanc, Guinaudeau Vignerons, Bordeaux Blanc, Exclusivité Ets. Jean-Pierre Moueix Negociant Rive Droite